School Improvement Board

Welcome to our School Improvement Board section.

Please find below details of how our School Improvement Board is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each School Improvement Member.


Welcome from the Chair of Cutnall Green School Improvement Board


I am Rachael Paige and I am the chairperson of the School Improvement Board. I feel very privileged to be part of the Cutnall Green family and the wider Rivers Trust community. The experience I bring to the role includes part of my own career as the Headteacher of a small, Church of England Primary School in rural Lincolnshire.

I currently work at the University of Worcester as the Head of Department for the Primary Education teacher training programmes. I live in Droitwich and so my work at Cutnall Green is opportunity for me to contribute to my local community as well as participate in the work of the Rivers Trust which extends my own professional engagement with wider education.


Part of my as Chair of the School Improvement Board is to work with the Head of School to set the strategic direction of the school and to monitor the implementation of the improvement and development plan.


The School Improvement Board have set aims for this year (2018-19):

- To raise the profile of the School Improvement Board and build links in key areas with staff.

- To strengthen the SIB and its leadership, at all levels, by ensuring a full board is in place, responsibilities are fulfilled and members are assigned responsibilities and actions.

- To monitor the Health and well-being of staff and children, particularly focusing upon those new to Cutnall Green (NQTs/RQTs, Reception and new pupils).

- To develop a monitoring schedule to get to know the school and contribute to school improvement

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Declaration of Personal Interest (2018-2019)