Early Years at Cutnall Green

Here at Cutnall Green Primary School, our pupils benefit from a carefully planned curriculum that builds on key skills which can be applied and experienced through real and meaningful learning opportunities. 


To enable each individual to achieve their very best, the foundation stage (Pre-School and Reception) work together to provide a stimulating and multi sensory learning environment, both indoors and out, full of different opportunities and tailored provision that pupils can access in order to build a solid foundation on which they can extend and deepen their learning as they go on through school.


The Early Years Curriculum is split into seven areas. There are three 'Prime Areas' which facilitate effective learning and build on core skills which are needed for future learning. These three areas are Communication and LanguagePhysical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The remaining four, 'Specific Areas' of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum are LiteracyMathematicsUnderstanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. These four areas form the building blocks of the subjects taught throughout your child's primary education. The above areas of development contain various expectations which are tracked and monitored by the class teachers and teaching assistants throughout pre-school and reception and areas of strengths as well as areas in which individuals need more support are highlighted to the next years' teachers and teaching assistants. This ensures very smooth transitions from one class to the next throughout school life at Cutnall Green.


In addition to the seven areas listed above, all early years practitioners at Cutnall Green pay close attention to what your child enjoys and therefore how they can learn most effectively. Our school ethos, 'Live, Love, Learn' is key in engaging pupils and supporting each individual to achieve the best possible outcomes for their academic, social, moral, spiritual and cultural success. Happy children are able to enjoy their learning and can be enabled to love learning for life.