We have used some fantastic books to inspire our writing so far this year. We have used Little Boat, The Storm Whale series, Dougal's Deep Sea Diary, Bob - Man on the Moon, Bob - The Alien Spotter's Guide, How to wash a Woolly Mammoth and most recently Stuck. I have attached a few of the story maps below to remind you. Could you retell these stories or even write your own versions? Remember to use a story map to help you plan and don't forget to use the correct punctuation! 

The English Supermovers collection is great. From adjectives and adverbs to spelling rules and rhymes these active learning videos are a great way of keeping your English skills up to speed. 




The BBC Bitesize website also offers fun and interactive teaching clips and questions, another fun way to access all of the key English skills that your children should be learning. 




You will find more English resources in the Reading and Spelling sections.