Please use the 10 minute SATS buster activities as often as possible. These are relatively new to us but the children are familiar with them and their comprehension skills are fantastic! Please encourage your child to find answers in the text and ask them to 'convince you' that the answer is correct. 

Don't forget, you should continue reading for pleasure (out loud if possible) on a daily basis. You can always ask an adult to read to you or listen to an audio book as well if you can!


When reading with an adult, use your VIPERS skills to focus on comprehension questions before and after reading. For example:


What does ________ mean?

What might happen next?

How is the character feeling? What makes you think this? 

Can you summarise what you have read?


Use the VIPERS grid below for a range of questions that you could be asking your children when they read. 

Below is a link to storyline online. The children love these stories and i'm sure you will recognise a few of the famous faces!


Oxford Owl is another great website that we use in class. Lots of the ebooks are available for free and the children can choose stage books that they currently read.


Try these websites too...