Home Learning

On this page I will be posting ideas of activities and focus for the children while they are not in school.  


The day could start with Joe Wicks PE session, https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/pe-with-joe-1254.html .  The children should be reading and writing every day, what they write is up to you or them, and may well happen spontaneously.  


We encourage the children to spell words themselves, and we don't worry at this stage if it is incorrect, we are keen for them to have a go.  It may well be, for example, peepul for people, the child in this case was drawing on their phonics knowledge and when read aloud it is phonetically plausible.  The children have been telling us stories, and we have been scribing their words, then we read them and the children act them out.  


More recently some of the children have been writing their own, and then we scribe below as necessary, this could be continued at home in the books in their packs. (https://www.teachearlyyears.com/learning-and-development/view/unlocking-a-voice)   Mathematical concepts, number, shape and space will crop up daily, and these may be extended with your encouragement through their interests and play.


I quite appreciate that some parents will be working at home and have other time commitments, and don't want this to become a chore.  We hugely value learning though play, and you may well find that your child's interests lead your day's activities, however I am posting some ideas with a focus for you to use if you wish.