Learning Logs

This half term, the children will be having reading based Learning Logs. There will occasionally be some phonics practise in them to do as well. Learning Logs will be sent out on a Friday and they need to complete one of the reading tasks each week. This can be evidenced however the children wish to show it, below are some examples:

- A review of the book they read (it's ok not to like the book!)

- Write a summary of the story

- Create a glossary of new words you learnt when reading the book with their meaning

- Photos of them reading in the places suggested on the reading bingo sheet

- A picture of something that happened in the book with a sentence or two explaining what is happening in the picture. 


The children also have spelling journals to complete at home. There are 4 words stuck on the pages for this week. On the first page of the book I have done an example of how work should be laid out in the book. I will stick the next set of words in ready for a Friday each week. The words that will be sent home are the words that the children need to be able to read and spell correctly by the end of Year 1; we also practise these daily in handwriting lessons. Please can these be in school so I can prepare them for the next words and mark them. 


If your child goes to study club on a Thursday, these tasks can be completed/finished during that time.