Please ensure that you take the time to complete the Maths SATS buster questions that came home. We always encourage the children to 'have a go', if they don't understand the question or concept please support your child as much as possible. It is really important that you go through the answers with your children to check their understanding. Remember to ask them to 'prove it' or to 'convince you' that the answer is correct. 

As well as completing the SATS busters, please use the maths Supermovers as much as possible. They are brilliant! Not only do they allow the children to be active, the content in each clip is fantastic.


The BBC Bitesize is another fantastic resource to use at home. Fun clips are followed by a series of questions for many different aspects of maths.


Try these other websites for more maths games. - There is one month free trial with this website and it looks fun!!