The maths tasks that have been set to do at home are all based on learning we have already covered, therefore the children should understand what to do. When the children answer questions in maths we do lots of reasoning, this can be done just be asking the children to prove how they know theirs is the correct answer as well as asking them to explain/draw how they worked it out. 


Below I will put some websites for maths resources and games they might like to have a go at too:

Numberblocks is a firm favourite, it consolidates their understanding of number bonds as well as addition and subtraction.

White Rose Maths is what we use for lots of our reasoning/problem solving questions in maths.

IXL offers a range of maths activities however it does limit how many you can do per day so it's useful for 5 minute bursts. 

These links are for practicing counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. They may differ from the ones on the learning grid but we do these a lot at school and the children will be familiar with them. 

Counting in 2's


Counting in 5's


Counting in 10's