Use this maths learning grid to recap and reflect on what we have learnt so far and what we will be looking at when we return to school.


You should practise your times tables daily. Use Times Table Rockstars every day if you can. If not, write out each times table on a piece of paper or make up games with times table. For example, a game of pairs with questions and answers or making your own times table stick.


I have suggested you make your own place value counters and grids to help with your learning. If you're not able to do this, then make sure you are drawing and representing your answers on both as we do in class. 


Rather than giving you sets of questions for each topic we have looked at, I have given you tasks which can be applied on a daily basis. So, pick an area you would like to work on and then use the ideas and videos I have provided to work on each skill for a certain amount of time each day. For example, you can use a dice to generate 3-digit numbers to add or subtract together, multiply or divide a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number or even use house hold items to find fractions of amounts. 

Year 4 - Maths Challenges

Multiplication Wheels

CanDoMaths Workouts Year 4

CanDoMaths Daily Maths Workout resource pack.


All the resources have been designed to help your child practise the maths topics they have learnt this year and make sure their maths skills stay healthy and strong. This pack focuses on practising Multiplication and Division skills.