Our Learning

Some pictures from within our classroom this term!

St Augustines Working Party Trip

So far, we have been learning all about the country of Italy!

We have located and identified Italy and Rome on a map as well as looking at similarities and differences between Italy and the United Kingdom.

In history, we have started looking at the Romans. We have identified the key dates in Roman history and places these on a timeline. Now, we are going to begin looking at the Roman army and identify what made it so powerful.

In English, we have been looking at “Escape to Pompeii”. We have looked at powerful verbs, fantastic adjectives and, now, including adverbs into our writing. We have drafted, edited and written detailed descriptions of Pompeii and we are now going to try diary entries and newspaper reports detailing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 

Please see some pictures below!

Mr King

History Day - The Roman Empire

English - Natural disaster poems based on "Escape from Pompeii"

History - Creating timelines on the Romans