Pre School

Welcome to Pre-school Class!


Hi everyone!

We hope you are all still staying safe and well. It is so nice to see some of you back at pre-school and for those who have not yet returned we are still missing you so very much!

Thank you for the lovely photographs and observations that have been uploaded on the ILD. Please continue to share all the lovely things you are all doing at home. We will respond to your fabulous activities as soon as we are able.


Home learning grids will continue to be available if you choose to use them. Keep an eye on the school website, Facebook and Twitter pages for fun ideas and learning opportunities for your little one's to do. We have added a few links below that may help...  (phonics for pre-school children look at resources that are at phase 1).


Our message to you all at this time is to continue to stay safe and well, enjoy playing and sharing with your children, embrace all their opportunities, and have lots of fun!


Best wishes from,

Mrs Whitsey, Mrs May, Mrs Rouse, Mrs Taverner and everyone involved in pre-school.