School Improvement Board

Governance at Rivers CofE Academy Trust: Moving Forward


During the last eighteen months, Rivers conducted its first external review of governance since the trust was established in 2014. The review was commissioned because trustees and school improvement boards recognised that the governance needs of the trust have changed as a result of its rapid growth over the last five years. Nationally, multi-academy trusts are recognising that trust governance needs to evolve as trusts develop and grow and many are now looking to implement new governance structures. Rivers is committed to being a leader and champion of innovative and sector-leading governance practice.

Historically, the trust’s local governance has been provided through local governing bodies and, more recently, school improvement boards. The new structure will create advocate roles at local level to replace the existing school improvement boards. The aim of the proposed new governance structure is to define clearly the roles and responsibilities of the different governance tiers to avoid duplication, to strengthen communication between governance tiers and to maximise the use of the skills, knowledge and expertise of everyone within the governance team in order to ensure impactful governance across the trust. The new structure will ensure that pupils remain at the core of all decision-making. Trustees recognise the importance of the local voice and are committed to ensuring that the local tier contributes to the development of organisational thinking. Importantly, the election of two parent representatives per school will ensure that the voice of parents/carers will contribute to decisions made at trust board level.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kate Brunt, CEO of Rivers CofE Academy Trust, if you have any further questions or comments about our proposed new governance structure:


Welcome to our School Improvement Board section.

Please find below details of how our School Improvement Board is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each School Improvement Member.


Welcome from the Chair of Cutnall Green School Improvement Board


Rachael Paige - Chair

I am Rachael Paige and I am the chairperson of the School Improvement Board. I feel very privileged to be part of the Cutnall Green family and the wider Rivers Trust community. The experience I bring to the role includes part of my own career as the Headteacher of a small, Church of England Primary School in rural Lincolnshire.

I currently work at the University of Worcester as the Head of Department for the Primary Education teacher training programmes. I live in Droitwich and so my work at Cutnall Green is opportunity for me to contribute to my local community as well as participate in the work of the Rivers Trust which extends my own professional engagement with wider education.


Part of my role as Chair of the School Improvement Board is to work with the Head of School to set the strategic direction of the school and to monitor the implementation of the improvement and development plan.


The School Improvement Board have set aims for this year :

- To raise the profile of the School Improvement Board and build links in key areas with staff.

- To strengthen the SIB and its leadership, at all levels, by ensuring a full board is in place, responsibilities are fulfilled and members are assigned responsibilities and actions.

- To monitor the Health and well-being of staff and children, particularly focusing upon those new to Cutnall Green (NQTs/RQTs, Reception and new pupils).

- To develop a monitoring schedule to get to know the school and contribute to school improvement

Kevin Jones - Parent SIB Member


I am Kevin Jones, a Parent Board Member of the School Improvement Board.


By profession, I am a solicitor and spent over 25 years working in law firms in Birmingham. I now work as General Counsel to an investment manager, based in Bristol, which works exclusively for local government pension schemes.


I live locally and my youngest daughter attends the school. Having been a governor of a large primary school in Birmingham, I understand some of the challenges that Cutnall Green School faces. I am passionate about ensuring that all pupils enjoy their time at the school and receive a fantastic education.

Nicola Palmer - Parent Member


I am Nicola Palmer and I am a Parent Board Member of the School Improvement Board.


Following a career supplying the major supermarkets with fresh produce, I now run a local business with my husband operating an online and traditional retail shop.


Having grown up in the local community and now bringing our children up in the same village it is hugely important to me that Cutnall Green School continues to thrive and develop.


I am excited by this opportunity to be involved in future strategies to make improvements and I look forward to making a positive contribution to the School Improvement Board.


Mr Edward Brown - Parent SIB Member


I am Ed Brown and I am a Community School Improvement Board member.


Having been born and bred in rural Worcestershire, I am passionate about the maintenance and development of small rural schools such as ours.  My family and I are members of the local community, and although I personally didn’t attend Cutnall Green school as a pupil, my wife and her brothers both did, and one of my two children is already a pupil at the school. 


Throughout my professional life I have been employed in leadership and management roles.  I have worked across the world in a range of physically and mentally challenging environments, planning and co-ordinating operational activities which have at times involved thousands of people.  Additionally, I have independently led teams of up to 150 personnel in remote locations for prolonged periods of time.  As well as leading and managing others, I have also spent a significant period delivering training, specifically to junior leaders; it is in such a role that I am currently employed


Having been a SIB member for a number of years now, in the future I aim to continue to provide advice and guidance to ensure that our school continues to flourish and excel. 

Ben King - Staff Board Member


I previously worked as a Family Law solicitor in Worcester and Birmingham before I made the decision to follow my passion and retrain as a Primary School Teacher.


Accordingly, I started my PGCE with the University of Worcester in 2017 and I was fortunate enough to be  placed within the Rivers MAT at Great Witley C of E Primary School. Subsequently, I was interview for a role within the Rivers MAT and was then offered a role at Cutnall Green C of E Primary School as a result. 


I love everything about being a Primary School Teacher, particularly being part of the strong team we have at Cutnall Green. I am passionate about ensuring that all pupils enjoy their time at the school and receive a fantastic education.


I am thoroughly excited by this opportunity and I look forward to making a positive contribution to the School Improvement Board.



Tracy Barnes - SIB Clerk


Mrs T Barnes, Lead Clerk to the School Improvement Boards