w/c 23rd March

Growing -

Monday - We looked at how tall the children, who were in school, were on Friday.  Maybe you could do this at home, and then we can see how much they have grown in the time that school is closed.  I believe that masking tape should not leave a mark on the wood work, and the children were able to write their name on it.  The children could use different resources to measure how tall they are, tape measure, blocks, card boxes.  

Children could draw around the feet of all those in the household, write the name of the person in each one, cut them out and then sequence by size, leading to lots of mathematical conversations. 

Tuesday - The weather is so lovely at the moment, so maybe the children could do some gardening with you.  If you have some seeds perhaps now is the time to sow them.  Some seeds can go straight outside, others may need to be kept inside for now, sown into seed trays, yoghurt pots or egg boxes.  Ask the children to write labels to indicate which seeds have been planted where.  Discuss what seeds and plants need to grow.  There will be lots of opportunities for counting and sorting again.  If you do not have seeds available you could experiment with planting seeds from various foods that you may have been eating, tomatoes, peppers, apples, pears, oranges etc it will be interesting to see how successful they are.  Alternatively try carrot tops in a shallow dish of water.

Wednesday - There seems to have been lots of gardening going on, below I will add some resources that you may be able to copy or print off.  A good story to go with all of this is Titch by Pat Hutchins, I have had a quick look on Youtube and the two readings of it, that I found, were read with an American accent.  I don't have it at home or I might have done you a little reading myself!  I will add some Titch activity sheets.  How is phonics going?  We use www.phonicsplay.co.uk in school and they have a free offer on at the moment.  The children will be familiar with some of the games.  We are currently working in Phase 3, all the digraphs (2 letters, 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters, 1 sound) in this phase have been taught, the children are beginning to recognise them on flash cards, but do not always identify them in words.  Please do keep revisiting these to help them to become secure in their knowledge of them.
Thursday - Yesterday those few of us who were in school had a walk around the school field and forest fun area, we noticed lots of signs of spring and new growth, particularly the horse chestnut tree where the sticky buds were beginning to burst into leaf.  At home a fuschia in the garden, that I thought was dead, has some very small green buds. Have a walk around your garden, and if you are able to safely perhaps go out a bit further into the countryside.  What signs of spring can the children see, they will need to look very carefully, and if they have a magnifying glass they could use that, perhaps they could take some photographs.  When you are at home ask them to draw some of the things that they have seen, and write next to them, and/or, with some help from you, they could make a picollage of their photographs.  Can they draw a map of where they have been?  Then in another week or so they could revisit to see if there are any changes.  

Friday - The children have clearly been busy doing all sorts of lovely learning stuff this week, I have loved seeing the photographs and observations on ILD.  Fridays usually start with PE, we were doing dance with Elliot this term, you could try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHd2s_saYsQ .  We also do music on Fridays, although we have got a bit behind due to problems with the interactive whiteboard, so we are still on week 5 of Spring 1 'Everyone' how about you have a go at this  https://charanga.com/c/1311889-scheme/1311890-year-r/1311905-everyone/lessons/141625-step-5 you may use the school login which I will send out to you on Marvellous Me.  In music we have been listening for the pulse, or the beat, and moving to it, with this week's I defy you not to!  There are also some songs that we have been singing together, they are listed down the side of the page, having sung it with the programme you could just play the backing track and see whether the children able to keep their time when singing with the backing track.  Apparently this lovely weather is going to break, so make the most of it tomorrow, there have been some great activities going on, that you may share between yourselves, such as drawing round shadows and then making a sun dial or how about making shadow puppets? Here are some links that might inspire you!  https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/544091198708445842/   https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/95771929556157873/  https://www.raisingarizonakids.com/2015/06/how-to-make-sundial-clock/  https://www.sparklestories.com/blog/post/nature-school-project-diy-sundials/  The first of my seeds, sown on Sunday, are emerging, how are yours doing? 

Of course Fridays include Celebration Assembly, all the children are stars of the week, they appear to be coping with this challenging time with ease (and that is down to all that parents and carers are doing to 'normalise' the situation) and are demonstrating excellent learning attitudes.  WELL DONE TO ALL!!