Year 3

Welcome to year 3, we are beginning our journey through key stage two and have lots of exciting challenges ahead of us.

Reading is an essential part of our year 3 work through every aspect of our curriculum, it is essential that children continue to be fluent readers especially as the books they read become more challenging with vocabulary and ideas. Hearing children read provides opportunities for them to read out loud and for questioning on new vocabulary to ensure children understand what they are reading.

I love to read and I often share my favourite books with children, we have a class read that we share either through me reading to the children or one of them reading out loud.

We are beginning our year with a journey into the past, we are visiting the Stone Age to find out how our lives would be different if we lived in this time.

Through the year we will study different places and times in history and use educational visits to enhance our learning.

Mrs D Pickett
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Learning Logs

Learning Logs form part of our homework, we can choose from a selection of different activities and ways to present them.

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Year 3 Autumn (1) Topic Web

Year 3 Autumn Learning Log and Letter

Autumn (1) Spellings