AtCutnall Green C of E Primary School, we aim to deliver a high-quality History curriculum, which will ensure that all pupils gain the skills of a historian and a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The teaching of History at Cutnall Green C of E Primary encompasses the substantive concept of the History curriculum; Invention and discover, Change and development over time and Legacy. This will allow the children to map major events in history and make sense of the order in which events have happened. As they progress through the school, it will allow them contextualise events beyond living memory. Change and development over time enables children to develop the skills of ‘thinking like a historian’, drawing upon what is the same, what is similar and what is different. This a fundamental element of History. Legacy, an integral part of the History curriculum, allowing the children to consider how and why different events happen and how in turn they shape one another.


The History curriculum is carefully planned and structured around the above substantive concepts so that a coherent curriculum is delivered, ensuring the children make historical links with prior learning from previous years. Our curriculum aims to stimulate the pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the past.




Teachers have identified the key knowledge and skills of each topic and consideration has been given to ensure progression across topics throughout each year group across the school. By the end of Year 6, children will have a chronological understanding of British History. They are able to draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives. Cross curricular outcomes in History are specifically planned for, with strong links between the History curriculum and English lessons, enabling further contextual learning. The local area is also fully utilised to achieve the desired outcomes, with extensive opportunities for learning outside the classroom embedded in practice. Planning is informed by and aligned with the National Curriculum.



The impact and measure of this is to ensure that children at Cutnall Green C of E Primary School are equipped with the historical skills and knowledge that will enable them to be ready for the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and for life as an adult in the wider world.

History Progression Framework

History Yearly Overview