At Cutnall Green C of E Primary School, the History Curriculum develops children’s knowledge of historical periods, events and significant individuals. Children learn key facts and concepts alongside skills such as chronological understanding, how to analyse and evaluate historical evidence, how to empathise with people from different eras and how to compare and contrast life in different periods.


Autumn Term:

  • Year 1 – Living memory Transport 20th and 21st Century - How has transport changed since 1900?
  • Year 2 – The Great Fire of London - What was the legacy of the Great Fire of London?
  • Year 3 – Stone Age 15000-2500 BC - What was the significance of farming on the Stone Age way of life?
  • Year 4 – Romans AD 43-410 - How did Roman invasion and their innovations change Britain?
  • Year 5 & 6 – Anglo Saxons, Scots and Vikings 450-1066 - How did the power struggle between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings shape Britain?


Children’s historical learning in Key Stage One starts with the familiar: their own pasts and those of their families. As children’s learning travels further back in time.

In Key Stage Two, the story of Britain is interwoven with studies of ancient civilizations. Children explore concepts of innovation, empire, civilization, continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance.

History Progression Framework

History Yearly Overview