Wraparound Care

Wrap Around Care 2019



Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club will run from 7.30am until 8.50am; the start of the school day, Monday to Friday and offers a choice of healthy food options which include a daily selection of toast, cereal and fruit.

Drop-off can be anytime from 7:30am and the same fee applies.


7:30AM (or onwards ) to 8:50AM




After School Club
After-School Club will run from 3.00pm until 6pm, Monday to Friday.  There are three sessions available to book.
Healthy snacks are available for all children and for those staying later than 4:30pm we provide a light meal.
The children are provided with a number of activities to choose from including traditional games, sports, ICT, craft and cooking. There is also a quiet area for children to relax after a busy day at school. Activities on offer will change on a weekly basis and the children have an input into what kinds of activities they like to do.


We offer the following sessions:





End of School – 4.30pm


End of School – 5:30pm


End of School  - 6pm















  • Standard booking is available on ParentPay. This allows you to make bookings up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Last minute bookings can be requested via the dedicated mobile phone

07949 835293 but no later than 2.45pm

  • For those parents / carers paying with Childcare vouchers booking requests need to be emailed through to CGRclubs@riverscofe.co.uk         in order that we make the booking for you on ParentPay so you don’t have to pay up-front.


Terms and Conditions

  • Children are escorted to their classrooms at 8:50am from Wrap Around
  • Children are supervised from their classrooms to Wrap Around at the end of the school day
  • We need to make you aware that if your child/children choose to go to an Extra Curricular Activity Club after school and then into Wrap Around Care then the full charges still apply from the end of the school day to hold the space.
  • If you book a session and then do not cancel this session within 24 hours of the session taking place then you will still be charged.
  • If you collect early from a booked session then you will still be charged for the session time originally booked as staff are already in place
  • Fees are not refundable due to sickness or holidays
  • There will be a charge for collecting pupils later than 6pm and this is a flat fee of £25.
  • The School Office does not hold up-to-date ratio information and therefore bookings must be made directly as instructed via the email or mobile number
  • Your booking will be revoked of outstanding balances are not paid at the end of each term. If you are experiencing financial difficulties you can of course speak to Mrs Rowe in confidence.