Our uniform plays a very important part in giving our school its identity.  It helps to develop loyalty and pride in belonging to Cutnall Green C of E Primary and Pre-school.  Please support us by ensuring that children come to school in the correct uniform.  All uniform and book bags can be purchased online from Brigade Clothing Ltd. We do have sizes in school, should you need to try some on. 


To order uniform from Brigade, CLICK HERE  


All belongings should be clearly labelled. 


Hair Accessories and Styles 

Hair should be neat and tidy and not an extreme style.  Long hair should be tied up for safety reasons.  Plain blue or yellow hairbands and bobbles should be worn to school.  Large bows and colourful hairbands are not suitable.  Hair colourants are not allowed unless special permission is given i.e. for fund raising events.  


Pre-school-Year 4
  • Royal blue V-neck cardigan or sweater with school logo 

  • Gold collared polo t-shirt with school logo 

  • Grey trousers or skirt 

  • Grey or black socks or tights 

  • Black shoes – NO open toes, sandals or trainers 

  • Royal blue V-neck sweatshirt with school logo 

  • Gold collared polo t-shirt with school logo 

  • Grey trousers 

  • Grey or black socks 

  • Black shoes – NO slip-ons or trainers 

  • As above but with a yellow summer dress or black or grey shorts
  • As above but with black or grey shorts



  • Green t-shirt with school logo 

  • Royal blue shorts 

  • Trainers 

  • Royal blue joggers with school logo 

  • Royal blue hooded or zip-up sweatshirt with school logo 

  • Green t-shirt with school logo 

  • Royal blue shorts (If appropriate) 

  • Trainers 


Optional uniform
  • Book bag with school logo 

  • PE kit bag with school logo 

  • Cap with school logo 

  • Cap with neck protector and school logo

  • Woolly hat with school logo 

  • Coat with school logo 


Permitted jewellery:

  • Watches (not smart)
  • Studded earrings (these have to be removed for PE)


No nail varnish is allowed at school.

Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled with your child's name.


Order your uniform here:



The purchase of uniform should not be a barrier to enter our Pre-School. Should you feel this is the case, please contact the school office